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Our Partnership with You
As our client you work closely with one of the two owners of the firm, not with a salesperson or client relationship manager. Together we create a financial plan that incorporates your goals and objectives. Once we put that plan into action, we monitor the progress of your investments carefully and consistently. We pride ourselves on our effective communication skills and work with you according to your individual preferences. For instance, we can meet with you when and where it is convenient, whether that’s at your home, office or other location, and we will correspond with you in the manner you prefer – by phone, fax or email. In addition, we can work closely with any other professional, such as an accountant or attorney, with whom you already have a working relationship.

On the surface, most financial advisory firms look and sound quite similar. They often advertise years of experience and an effective investment philosophy.  However, you may also find that these firms are only focused on increasing their own wealth – not yours.

Our Focus
At Wilson & Boucher we have chosen to focus on helping you increase your wealth and manage your assets. To accomplish this we offer services that include truly customized portfolio management using individual stocks and bonds, tax expertise, trust and estate planning and risk management solutions.