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Monitoring and rebalancing the assets in your portfolio is one of the most important services we provide. We consistently review your portfolio to ensure the proper selection of stocks, bonds and cash is maintained to meet the goals and objectives we established at the beginning of our relationship.

In addition, we ensure that your dividends, interest payments and other transactions have been properly accounted for. This practice, also known as “reconciliation,” means that your portfolio reporting is always up-to-date and accurate. We can also review the holdings in your employer retirement accounts [401(k), 403(b) or even 457 plans] as well as any employee stock-option or stock-purchase plans to ensure that the investments you have selected fit with your overall investing objectives. Advising clients on 529 plans is also a service we frequently provide.

Each quarter, we will send you a consolidated quarterly report, featuring a detailed review of your account.

Quarterly report